Sharon Onuma is the creative director behind The CPA Experience.

The CPA Experience represents a career as a CPA filled with growth opportunities and purpose.

This is a platform designed to share my journey to CPA, my experiences as a CPA, and portray the limitless possibilities of the profession in order to inspire and empower future CPAs to actively create their own exceptional CPA Experience!

One of the most rewarding parts of my career as a CPA has been my time spent connecting with future CPAs either via alumni events at my alma mater (University of Maryland... Go Terps!) or my speaking engagements at student conferences! I like to think of all accounting students I meet as future CPAs! These students usually have a curiosity about public accounting, the path to CPA, and career options the CPA designation can provide. Each time I interact with them, I am reminded of when I was once in their shoes and I’ve felt compelled for a long time to create an avenue where I can share more insights about the profession, my journey to CPA, and my experiences. My hope is that by sharing my experiences, students in Accounting are encouraged to pursue a career as a CPA and create a life that they enjoy!

And that’s how the CPA Experience was born!

Discover the road ahead.

Experience the profession.

Create your exceptional CPA Experience!