What CPA study program did you use?


How long did it take you to pass the CPA?

Four months... of very long days and long nights!

Did you have to retake a section of the CPA?

No! Phew... Thank God!

In what order did you take the CPA exams?

1. FAR   ; 2. REG  ; 3. AUD   ; 4. BEC

What do you do FOR WORK? 

I have an exciting CPA career in Public Accounting!

What service line are you in and what exactly do you do? 

I'm in the Tax Service Line!

I work on the Income Tax portion of financial statement audits for Publicly traded companies.

I also help Companies with Corporate Tax Compliance and Tax Planning.

More details on this in a coming video. Stay tuned! 

What advice would you give someone who is considering a career in accounting?

Give it a shot, with an open mind. Don't quickly conclude that accounting is not for you after you flunk your first test or exam. Keep trying! It might not seem easy at first but be eager to learn and understand the principles. Invest some time in teaching yourself. Ask a lot of "why" questions to help build your understanding of the principles so you know how to apply them in different scenarios. 

What would you recommend - Masters in Accounting or CPA?

I might be a little biased but definitely CPA!

What would you recommend - start in Public Accounting after College or start in Industry? 

Public Accounting! Hands down!

More details on this in a coming video. Stay tuned!