The beginning!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I remember having a difficult time in the initial stages of my accounting classes. My tutor, Kosi (shoutout to OMSE @ UMD for free tutoring) was very patient and invested a lot of time in helping understand the material. He was such a blessing and I know firsthand how much of a difference it makes when you know someone is rooting for you! And that's what inspired me to tutor accounting during college (the minimum wage was good too)! 

So, I spent most of my college years tutoring accounting and one of the most fulfilling times was when light bulb moments occurred for my tutees. It was always so exciting for me to see someone finally understand an accounting concept... no matter how small because I believed it had a ripple effect to them understanding a lot more!

Since then, it has always been a dream of mine to encourage people/students to strive for their best and stay focused on their goals. I'm thankful to God that I have had the great opportunity via my role with the AICPA to continuously interact with students and encourage them.  

I love hearing a student tell me they are taking the CPA exam or they've passed one or more sections of the exam! At that point, I self-appoint myself as their personal encourager and cheerleader because I want to see them succeed and experience the exciting opportunities a CPA career has to offer! And that's why I am really excited about The CPA Experience! With the CPA Experience, my hope is that I can reach more students and encourage them in their CPA Journey!